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Peruse these, try them out, and let me know what you think. Hopefully there will be more advanced techniques that what I was able to learn by myself with a single campaign.

General strategy for starting a social media campaign, with specific questions to ask yourself.

Make the Facebook “Like” easy from the main page or article.


A list of hashtags on Twitter that HPC may be able to use:

  • Shows tweets written using a keyword:
  • good keywords for HPC are “business” and “writing”
  • The keyword “copywriting” doesn’t appear very often, maybe exploit this.
  • #entrepreneurs: Great for connecting with talented entrepreneurs.
  • #BOP (Bottom of the Period): A favorite among entrepreneurs, this can be applied to a variety of tweets from topics concerning frugal spending to untapped resources.
  • #socent: Use this tag to discuss social entrepreneurship. (There’s also a #socentchat hashtag for a Twitter conversation held the first Wednesday of each month.)
  • #sofinance: Use this for discussions on social entrepreneurship and finance.
  • #networking – for people seeking to network and build business relationships
  • #internet – conversations about technical web related issues and news about what’s happening online
  • #mktg – conversations about marketing
  • #marketing – conversations about marketing
  • #webmarketing – conversations about marketing…usually has lots of job posts
  • #BloNo – the local bloomington/normal hashtag
  • #bni – business networking international
  • #amwriting
  • #amediting
  • #amrevising
  • #writegoal
  • #writers_life
  • #writingparty
  • #writer(s)(ing)
  • #writetip(s)
  • #writingtips
  • #wip (work in progress)
  • #fictionfriday (Short stories posted to blogs and websites on Fridays)
  • #fridayflash (Flash fiction posted to blogs and websites on Fridays)
  • #amediting  posts from people who are editing
  • #editing
  • #articles
  • #copywriting