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The general format of a press release can be found here.


How to make your first trade show a success by MarketingPros. Of course, once you actually go, revise all the planning you created for the first one to make the second an even bigger success!

When you’re ready to move to the next step in your web analytics, check out this MarketingProfs article for several advanced ideas.

As copywriters, our main sources for referrals are going to be: graphic designers, advertising agencies, web masters, consultants, and other entrepreneurs and small businesses. Good places to meet these sources: Chamber of Commerce, social media groups, meet-up groups…

Use “other people just like you” from

“Making a reference to “other people just like you” has been shown to be effective not only in online offers—Robert Cialdini conducted an experiment on reuse of towels in hotels. In his experiment, referencing “other visitors that stay in room 125” (I’m paraphrasing) in the card that asks to consider reusing towels—as opposed to leaving them on the floor to be replaced—to save water and energy, dramatically reduced the hotel’s laundry bill.”

I’ve seen this recently at a really nice hotel in Madison. Except the incentive was that the hotel’s water and electricity use was dramatically reduced due to the reduction in laundry.

How to get clients fast from Steve Slaunwhite

Turn your services into packages then make sure your proposal sells that package, pulled from the blog by Steve Slaunwhite.

If we ever consider redesigning the website, which as we grow, I’m sure we will, we need to take everything in to account.

For example, talk to customers to see if it is meeting their needs and what features or benefits they would like to see on the new site;  recommendations from professionals on site design and usability; prioritize the recommendations and decide what the site should have; determine the objectives of the redesign; design the site with SEO in mind (choose specific pages to optimize for specific keyword groups).

100 tips provided by

1-50 The Social Media & Personal Branding Blog

51-100 Leading You to Continuous Success

Peruse these, try them out, and let me know what you think. Hopefully there will be more advanced techniques that what I was able to learn by myself with a single campaign.

General strategy for starting a social media campaign, with specific questions to ask yourself.

Make the Facebook “Like” easy from the main page or article.

Which Test Won provides A/B tests with real world results and information on using testing technology.

A list of hashtags on Twitter that HPC may be able to use:

  • Shows tweets written using a keyword:
  • good keywords for HPC are “business” and “writing”
  • The keyword “copywriting” doesn’t appear very often, maybe exploit this.
  • #entrepreneurs: Great for connecting with talented entrepreneurs.
  • #BOP (Bottom of the Period): A favorite among entrepreneurs, this can be applied to a variety of tweets from topics concerning frugal spending to untapped resources.
  • #socent: Use this tag to discuss social entrepreneurship. (There’s also a #socentchat hashtag for a Twitter conversation held the first Wednesday of each month.)
  • #sofinance: Use this for discussions on social entrepreneurship and finance.
  • #networking – for people seeking to network and build business relationships
  • #internet – conversations about technical web related issues and news about what’s happening online
  • #mktg – conversations about marketing
  • #marketing – conversations about marketing
  • #webmarketing – conversations about marketing…usually has lots of job posts
  • #BloNo – the local bloomington/normal hashtag
  • #bni – business networking international
  • #amwriting
  • #amediting
  • #amrevising
  • #writegoal
  • #writers_life
  • #writingparty
  • #writer(s)(ing)
  • #writetip(s)
  • #writingtips
  • #wip (work in progress)
  • #fictionfriday (Short stories posted to blogs and websites on Fridays)
  • #fridayflash (Flash fiction posted to blogs and websites on Fridays)
  • #amediting  posts from people who are editing
  • #editing
  • #articles
  • #copywriting

Articles on SEO.

Word Tracker‘s site on how to plan a site to optimize for keywords

Blog by Avinash Kaushik about SEO principles and Google Analytics

Google’s Conversion University videos about how to use Google Analytics

Using the About Us page in your SEO plan

Don’t forget to spy on your competition, figure out what they’re doing that works and customize it to work for you.